About Green Chem Coatings Wax Emulsions

Green Chem Coatings¬†is a chemical manufacturer of quality process chemicals, including paraffin, and vegetable wax emulsions. For the last two decades we have been a leading supplier to the country’s largest wood treatment chemical companies. We continue to manufacture paraffin wax emulsion for a number of applications including treated lumber. In addition we manufacture homogenized emulsions made from renewable sources. These products¬†are not only good for the environment, they are cost competitive and offer similar performance to paraffin wax emulsions synthetic additives. Our products can play a key role in paper manufacturing, inks, paints & coatings, and packaging products. Made from ingredients that are regarded by the FDA as safe for food contact, GC products offer an advanced “green” solution that can help manufacturers as well as the environment.

Our manufacturing facility is located near Athens, Georgia. We offer multiple production lines and are available for toll manufacturing or test manufacturing of any chemical blending project. We can also help manufacturers find development assistance for formulations designed specifically for their application.